26 November 2013

1991 was cold

The coldest year for the Sinterklaastreffen that I have been to was 1991.

Audrey and I went on her XJ900 as I had the DR800 and it wasn't good two up. The XJ was an excellent tourer. Shaft drive and frame mounted fairing.

F501OMJ was superb. I later bought one with an H reg.

Anyway. By the time we had got into Belgium it was freezing.

Firstly my visor iced up, then my glasses. I had to pull them down and peer over the top. Then my eyebrows iced and froze.

We stopped and took this shot on the old Olympus OM10 - that I still have!

December 6th 1991!

The visor was a graduated one with a darker tint at the top to help with the sun. The helmet is a Freddie Spencer replica Arai.

Changes to British Standards later outlawed lots of tinted visors for use in the UK. 

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