8 October 2013



Okay that is harsh.

I read in a car magazine that a good way to find out if you like a car was to hire one and see how you get on with it.

On trips to Spain I always hire the cheapest car. Not because I am tight with my wallet, just that small cars are fun (!) and we don't need a big guzzler pen is extension car.

So when I checked the Malagacar Group One box the options were Ford Ka, Fiat Panda or similar.

We have had both of these before. I like the Ka but not enough to buy one. I love the Panda and may yet buy the latest incarnation, having owned one for the best part of 140000 miles...

But similar meant a Toyota Aygo. Tiny boot (trunk to the colonials) but can seat four human adults.

Tinny, not very powerful but good for what we need.

The hire car has a few problems:
  1. The key has the padlock symbols but they don't work.
  2. To lock it requires the drivers door button depressed, outside handle lift and slam. Same as my 1975 Ford Cortina.
  3. The driver's lock doesn't work, you have to unlock the passenger door and lean across to lift the driver's door button.
Okay. Not that difficult and for a week simply a nuisance.

But this car has covered less than 7000 kms since we collected. Can an owner expect the same quality? I hope not.

Maybe this Aygo is the Friday afternoon special when the Japanese car boys were a bit too demob happy?

Or is this just a crap economy car that carries the Toyota badge?


1 comment:

Trobairitz said...

Doesn't seem right to have all those issues when it has so few miles. Sure wouldn't make you want to run out and buy one.

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