18 September 2013

Speed Awareness Course

Yes. That's right. A moment of inattention and my speed crept up to more than the 30 limit and *flash*!

My picture retained for eternity on the Sandgate Road speed camera.

For the heinous crime of 6mph over the limit the fine would have been £60 ($85) and three points on my licence.

Or I could opt for the speed awareness course, a half day learning the error of my ways for the measly sum of £85 ($120) but no points on the licence..

I opted.

It's tomorrow.

I have a few hours before the official kick off time of 1.15pm to find the site to ensure I am not late otherwise I will fail and then get the points added to my virginally clean licence.

Other ways to fail are not taking part in the discussions or not being responsive. Both these are subjective and at the discretion of the examiner.

The instruction sheet is about the most patronising piece of shit I have ever read and so it looks like a grin and bear it afternoon is in store.

Contrition will be my middle name.

Once it is all over I'll "tell it like it is" and share the pearls of wisdom with everyone.

Nanu nanu.

1 comment:

Trobairitz said...

Oooh I bet bad words were said. At least with the class no points for the license. Just don't be late and speed on your way there.

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