Retail therapy!

My summer (or lightweight) gloves have begun to fall apart. Stitching mainly and the cuff fastening on the left glove was almost had it.

So, today was retail therapy day.  A trip to Laguna at Ashford left me with many choices, mostly Italian and in excess of £100.

The more budget end of the market seemed devoid of entries so it was left to Alpinestars and RST, to fill the middle ground.

I tried the Alpinestars in XXL and they were a little loose and the XL too tight. I know they will give but this would have been circulation deading tight.

The RST TracTech gloves look more racy and have three loads of Velcro straps to keep them on but the seemed like a new extra skin on my hands.

Sold. Now to see what they are like tomorrow.



Trobairitz said…
Nice looking gloves. They should keep the hands toasty.

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