9 September 2013

Rainsford Road Motorcycle Ban

MAG is currently in dialogue at a senior level with Brent Council. At a very positive meeting, MAG's transport policy advisor Dr. Leon Mannings learned of the very real problems Brent Council and the police have had to deal with to ensure the safety of all road users.

Whilst MAG strongly condemns the unacceptable behaviour of the few irresponsible motorcyclists that has led to this situation, we reiterate our stance, that persecuting law abiding road users is not acceptable.

We have secured assurance that the ban is temporary and has only been enacted because of very extreme circumstances. MAG continues to pursue avenues to a more acceptable solution.

John Mitchell, MAG's National Chairman said: "MAG understands the situation faced by Brent Council and we hope they can get this matter resolved as soon as possible".

For more information contact MAG President Ian Mutch: 07799 764161

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Trobairitz said...

Instead of banning all motorcycles why wouldn't they just ticket the ass-hats causing the troubles and let everyone else enjoy their ride?

It is sad when a chosen few ruin it for everyone.

Paul Devall said...

I can't agree more. The law already exists to curb the "enthusiasm" of these guys, and the Police have the technology to identify them and remove them from the road.

But, the council gets involved instead.

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