26 September 2013

It's okay to overtake the cop car!

I have to stand up and admit that since I went on the speed awareness course I have become a speed bore. Instead of flying around like a nutter, I try to keep calm and let the others do what they will and I get on with my own ride. I'll have to see how that pans out at the weekend when we drive to Brighton for the Joe Bonamassa concert.

I set the cruise control today for an indicated 75 and cruised up the M20. Just short of Maidstone I noticed that traffic, although light, was now bunching. When this happens it's odds on that at the front is a police car running about the legal limit or slightly under.

As I surmised, there was a cop at the front. I left the cruise on the indicated 75 and overtook everyone. The cop was in the left lane (nearside) and I was in the middle, he needed to pull out around a truck, I pulled out in good time to give him room. I slid past. No problems. A wave of thanks for letting him out. In the mirrors none of the others had followed my lead.

A mile or so later he took the exit ramp. By the time we got to the other side of the junction, at least a dozen of the cowards had flown past me; still with cruise at 75........... Quite pathetic that these people haven't got the courage to drive to the limit when the cop is there, but will speed up once they think the risk has gone. Wouldn't it have been a laugh to see him re-appear on the on-ramp?

After a couple of days where I have started running at a higher cruise speed, fuel consumption had risen, yesterday's fill up (I fill up every day!) was back to a more acceptable 56.34mpg. I am hoping for better tonight.

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Trobairitz said...

Hubby never hesitates to pass a cop as long as he is doing a constant and reasonable speed. We find the cops quite often go just under the limit so you can pass them legally, but not everyone will.

Funny how they sped right up after he exited.

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