20 June 2013

Triumph Explorer

The Explorer looks to be the ideal solution for me.  It's GS enough to satisfy my type of riding and it scores highly as a tourer.
What a wonderful thing hindsight is. Had I gone ahead in April when I looked at it the first time and then decided I still wanted to keep riding the GS, the current failed and lifeless GS would be a dealer's problem somewhere and I would be riding about in style!

Plus a Puritan streak that doesn't like spending money!!
I have the test ride on Saturday. There are deals to be had and the bikes are there.  I like the grey one and we'll see what Claire thinks.  I guess with no trade-in we might get a better deal. Have to wait and see.
If I sign on the dotted line on Saturday I might have it by the Saturday after!  Just the insurance to mess about with!
Might have to start a new BLOG!!!!

1 comment:

Rig said...

I hope the test ride goes well, I've been tempted by the Explorer myself and have so far resisted test riding one, just in case I fall in love!

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