23 June 2013

The Start

A new era.

A new bike.

A new blog.

A natural progression.

The Explorer part of the title comes from the new lady in my life.

The Non Dora part is so I don't infringe any copyright, but I bet that a couple of umlaut will do the trick. Döra the Explorer.

In fact Döra the Explorer sounded like a good title. 

I was going to name it after my mascot, Baloo.

Baloo joined us back in about 2005 on a trip to France. We parked up at the Eurotunnel Terminal at Calais and failed to notice him on the beak of the GS. Whether he had been there longer I have no idea but he was there when we were on the shuttle itself heading for home.

I kept him and cable tied him on for safe keeping. I need to find somewhere for him. He has been there now for about 70000 miles and is part of the biking family.

Maybe the blog should be Baloo the Explorer?

The photo is taken from the Triumph Configurator website and shows Döra as she will come from the dealers, Laguna Triumph in Ashford, sometime in early to mid July. 

Visible extras are the panniers, hand guards, crash bars and spotlights. Not visible are the heated grips and alarm immobiliser.


When you ride early and late in the year, I have found that grips are one of those options often overlooked and that prove essential.


Trobairitz said...

Non Dora is a good name. Would be nice to work Baloo in there though.

Congrats on the new bike and new blog.

Troubadour said...

Linked, thanks for the update and I'm looking forward to the stories. Even though I'm a bit jealous of the new bike.

Paul Devall said...

It's about time I had a box fresh new bike. The last was in 2001 and before that 1991, so I guess I am overdue.

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