25 June 2013

SIMS Conference 2013

Not one of my usual postsing subjects - about work, but so far this is far removed from being called work.

This year the conference is in the Alton Towers Resort. Once an old house with a fairground and now it is a full sized theme park.

To get here I had planned to use the bike, but given the trials of the last couple of weeks I decided to use the train.

The resort is inland. Some 30 miles south east of Manchester. It is in Staffordshire, the  biggest towns nearby seen to be Leek in Staffs and Ashbourne in Derbyshire.

From London I guess about 160 miles?

I chose the train as the return fare on London Midland was only £20! 

We were picked up in Stoke on Trent, at the station, in a minibus and brought to the resort.

Stoke is one of the towns (five or maybe seven) that make up an area called The Potteries. Why? Because from the industrial revolution this area made the majority of the pottery used across the Empire. Wedgwood ring any bells?

On arrival you see the fountain.

Once checked in I got the wifi sorted and then had a coffee. And then a walk. I love monkey-puzzle trees!!

The room is quite interesting. The pattern at the top of the walls is of a bookshelf... 

I'm sure it has a proper name!

The carpet and the bed cover on a theme.

The halls and corridors with a similar motif.

To say this place is quirky... This is in the bar.

After a small beer I went back to my room to check through the paperwork. Before long I was in siesta mode.

Then it was time to meet some ladies I had net at the station for dinner.

Afterwards we went our own way and I took one last picture of the fountain at the back of the hotel before calling Claire and then to bed.

A lie in tomorrow as the conference starts at 10am.

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Trobairitz said...

I didn't know you had monkey puzzle trees over there. We have them here too. Not in the wild though, usually just ones people have planted in their yards.

It looks like an interesting place for a conference. Quirky can be good.

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