20 June 2013

GS Update

An electrical fault somewhere in the loom is proving a problem for Steptoe to locate so it looks like the GS is not coming home any time soon.  Too late to be taken to Laguna Triumph at Ashford and used part-ex on the Explorer.
The guy in the shop said that given the huge mileage and the age that it is was probably worth £1500. Possibly about what I was expecting I guess. Yesterday I took the Touratech rack and panniers off and replaced the BMW System case rails. I still have the System panniers and they can go back on.
I advertised the Touratech kit complete on the R1150GS Facebook page and if there are no takers by the end of the week I'll put them on eBay.  I have a Touratech tankbag that will go that way as well. Might as well recoup some of my investment from over the years.
The TT Zega panniers on the TT website, with mounting hardware and rails come out at nigh on £800.  In good nick I was hoping to get £250 or so or maybe more.
Once it comes back I suppose it will become my hack until I can sell it.
The part-ex route might not always be the best way, financially, of getting rid of an older bike or a turkey, but it is a way of not having more bikes in the garage than you need or want.  It wil stil have to be insured and it will still have to be taxed and run.

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