19 June 2013

GS to Steptoe

When we got home today I called Carole Nash Breakdown Service and they were very good and sent an AA Patrol to have a look. I lucked out with Paul from Ramsgate as he is a biker as well with an R1200RT.
He checked the battery with his meter and as I had expected it was over 12v. Then he ran the meter through all the fuses and other gubbins in the fuse box. All showing a current.
We had the fuel  tank off and he used a Power-Probe to test the main power lead to the ignition switch. Under the front of the fuel tank is the ECU and the other connectors. The ignition switch side of the block was dead.  Adding 12v from the Power-Probe and we had full power through and the bike started.
Checking the other side, the battery side, and the lead was dead.  He was willing to have a further look back had calls to attend to.
I called Neil Harrison (www.gsshop.biz) who does the servicing and he said if they could get it to him, he would have a look and fix it.  We have isolated a problem area, but finding the section where the break is might be a little time consuming.  I assume once we find it he cuts a new red lead in and re-wraps the covering. 
After I waved it of on the back of the transporter, Claire and I had a drive down to Laguna Triumph to take another look at the Triumph Explorer!
Loyalty only works one way nowadays........ GS!!

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Nikos said...

I have just had an ignition switch fail on my 2007 R12GS. Reasonably easy to fix if you have small hands and long fingers. Symptoms were intermittent failure to boot up when switched on. BMW rescue man reckoned it was safe to ride to a workshop (where I would have been charged £109 as this item not covered by the insured warranty). I thought otherwise and purchased a used replacement from Motor works for £33.

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