22 June 2013

Explorer Test Ride

I got back from my public transport trek to Steptoe's a few pounds (money) lighter and in plenty of time to have lunch and then go to Laguna Triumph for my test ride on the Triumph Tiger Explorer.

Claire came with me on the GS. We had a chat with the sales guy, Paul, and I went off for a ride round. The demonstrator is the latest colour bike in a pearl white but there are three others, black, blue and grey. I prefer the grey.
I immediately felt comfortable. The seat was right and the reach to the bars felt right. The 1215cc triple engine was very smooth and everything felt light and instant.

The brakes almost had me over the bars! The GS had good ABS brakes but these were like nothing I have experienced.

I took it up Bad Munstereiffel Way, and onto the M20 then down the A28 towards Tenterden and then back to Kingsnorth on the parallel road to the A28.

I even tried the cruise control on the M20. A little difficult with a long thumb required to reach it. No throttle cable. Fly by wire? What? There is no wire!
Handling seemed pretty stable with the standard tyres fitted, and steering is light and very precise. The standard seats are comfortable and are made from a non-slip material.

Technology has moved on a long way in the 14 years since my bike came off the production line.

So we did a deal to trade the GS against it. 

A new oil leak that shows on the left of the engine and covers the sidestand could have waited a few weeks but of course means work! Damn! A few pounds off but I didn't exactly mention the problem resolved only hours before... It's a game.

You want the most you can, and they want the least given away!!

In the end we compromised.

Now I have to wait for Triumph to deliver a grey one for me and provide a VIN number to get it registered and a registration plate for me to get the insurance sorted.

There were two in the showroom, both spoken for. One with optional wire wheels and one with alloy spoked. I prefer spoked over wire anyway.

I opted for a few extras; heated grips and  engine bars. The panniers and hand guards are extras that Triumph provide free.

The picture is taken from the Triumph configurator.


I turned down the spotlights. But I might reconsider and add them! A luxury maybe, but I have used them on the GS quite a bit.

I also have to have the alarm immobiliser as it is a stipulation by the insurance company. Why these aren't automatically factory fitted on all new bikes I'll never know.

I am looking at a tracker as well. I've seen one that looks pretty neat and it uses a pay and go SIM card.

As for the GS, I will be a little sad to see it go. Considering the few problems I have had in 10.5 years of ownership and then subtract the trade-in value against the price I paid, it has cost  me £400 a year to own it, plus running costs. One hell of a bike.

A new era is about to begin.

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Trobairitz said...

Awesome. I think you will be pleased with the Triumph. They certainly have good brakes compared to anything else we've tried. Hold on during an emergency stop.

Hopefully you won't have to wait long for yours to be delivered.

Happy Bike Day.

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