21 June 2013

A long day tomorrow!

The GS is fixed. Hurrah!
Getting it will be a bit of a trial. Steptoe is out all weekend from about 0930 tomorrow and so I need to get over there from Kent.  Checking all the websites for the trains and London Transport, reveals that I need to be on the 0643 from Ashford International to St Pancras, then a couple of tubes to get me to Putney Bridge and then a bus, and eh voila!  Steptoe's by about 0845!  As long as there are no problems, no delays!!
Then ride back to sunny Kent.
I put the road test of the Explorer back to 4pm or so to give me chance to go and get it.
Fingers crossed. All the hassle is so that I can see what trade-in I can get and also to get to the Kent Pet Food Run!!!

1 comment:

Trobairitz said...

Going to be a busy busy day.

Hope it all works out and the trains and busses are on time and the weather cooperates for the ride home.

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