30 May 2013

Slimming World

It had to be done. Too fat to get into my biking gear apart from my old Hood Jeans and my Frank Thomas jacket. Slimming World. 
"Like a sack of potatoes" as my Gran used to say, and I wasn't even the portly geezer I am now!

Claire has been doing it for a while and so many of the evening meals were cooked with SW's focus in mind; cut out fat. But it is in the day that I can easily fail. The fatal £1.99 burger and fries vouchers for McDonalds's, trips to the café a couple of times a month for "All Day Breakfast No5" with toast and milky coffee, sandwiches from Harry's on Upper Street, plus the bags of crisps and chocolate that so very easily goes in the pie-hole. Oh, and not to mention the occasional visits to Manze's and Clark's pie and mash shops and Piebury Corner.

In comes the new regime.

In fact it isn't as odorous as I had imagined. It was hard at first. In our office there is always food. Like many places across the globe, office workers sit at their desks for their lunches. Employers are quick to pounce on the people that might slack a little during the day, but never seem to acknowledge the hours per week/month/year that are given freely by idiots, like me, that sit at their desk, laptop still logged in and answering the phone! Grrrr! Plus there are always cakes or biscuits being brought in or someone will come back from holiday and share a local delicacy. The last of these was something called Tobermory Tablet, a fudge like confection made simply from butter, milk and sugar and of course I mean lots of sugar!

In week one I lost 6lbs, week two 2.5lbs and week three only a single measly 1lb! Gutted! I was trying so hard.

I have never eaten so much fruit or so many fish sticks in my life and although I feel the craving for chocolate I have mostly managed to put it to one side and snack on another apple.

The surprising thing with Slimming World is the emphasis on three kinds of food, you are supposed to have all three in the day, with loads of "free" food, some not free and what they call "syns", you are supposed to have a mixture of all three to keep the body burning it off. I don't think I am having the right balance at the moment..... Not enough syns?

Last night I had a SW breakfast for my dinner. Bacon medallions (all fat removed), egg, baked beans, mushrooms and toast (Nimble brown) all fried in the one-cal spray stuff rather than oil or other fat! Very tasty. 

Fry Up....

I  skip breakfast. I commute either by train or bike for up to an hour and half each morning and can't get up any earlier, so now I have fruit, and it possible a free skinny latte from Waitrose.

So, weigh in tonight. 

Fingers crossed that I have lost something again. With the cruise to Norway looming in less than two weeks it is going to be hard! 


Trobairitz said...

Don't think of it as losing less weight in week three think of losing 9 pound sin 3 weeks. That is an accomplishment.

We find if we don't eat after dinner we do better. And of course lots of fruit and veggies.

Hubby likes his after dinner nibble of semi sweet chocolate chips. They are essential to his well being (keeps him from being a grumpy pants)

Good luck on the continued weight loss.

Paul Devall said...

Another 2lbs tonight. was a bit down but that brghtened the mood.

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