23 May 2013

Gooners - We Can Laugh at Ourselves

Okay so we haven't won a trophy for eight years. Not since we embarrassingly beat Manchester United on penalties in the 2005 FA Cup Final.  Embarrassing as they had all game and we robbed them. Shame.

So this year after another bad start we had ten games left, three points for a win and we were seven points adrift of our North London rivals, the almost laughingly named Tottenham Hotspur.

The race was on to see who could realistically finish 4th, and qualify for the lucrative Champions League.

On Sunday, all the Premier League games were being played at the same time to avoid any cheating!

We went into the game one point up after a fantastic run that meant we had overhauled them. All we had to do was match their result and we would win the 4th place.....

We scored at Newcastle and led 1-0 before they scored and won 1-0.... Status quo restored.  

They haven't finished ahead of us since about 1986.

So we won this prestigious cup.....

Premiership 4th Place Trophy

Okay. I made it!

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