26 May 2013

Called by the Dark Side

I wasn't going to go and then decided as we were going out in the car maybe I could drop in and have a look at the Ducati Road Show at Laguna Performance in Ashford.
As we arrived one of the rides set off leavng two Diavel Stradas behind. I had a sit on one and Claire hopped on the back.

Diavel Stradas

Fits like a glove

It fitted like a glove. But  a 17 litre tank is simply too small, but it is one hell of a beast. Impractical and also £15000!!!
I do like the Multistrada though and it is a less impressive £12.5k!!

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Trobairitz said...

The Diavels are a sweet looking machine.

Our friend Rick went and rode one when their roadshow was through Portland and had a lot of fun. Too expensive though unless you've won the lotto.

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