26 May 2013

Across the savannah of Lympne

Whilst on a cycle ride along the canal we had a little ride down by the Port Lympne animal park and we got lucky today, the giraffes we down by the southern boundary.

Giraffe on the Roughs

Can't be many areas with sheep, cattle and giraffes.

Further along the path back towards home Lympne Castle and below it the remains of the Roman town that was built around AD290. It's sometimes known at Stutfall Castle.

Stutfall Castle

I took a picture of the information board that shows the layout of the area.

The Sanyo CG10 that I have been using is not a bad piece of kit and although it has a pistol grip it is still a little strange to get used to.

Here's a video I took of the giraffes:


Trobairitz said...

Giraffes and sheep and cattle, who knew.

Thanks for the video of the giraffe. While we have camels in Salem (no really, someone has camels) we have no giraffes unless at the zoo.

Paul Devall said...

Sometimes there are rhino, but after a spate of attacks by poachers trying to steal their horns, even from zoos and museums, they keep them closer to the main areas of the park.

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