7 April 2013


Eventually the weather has improved and after some work in the house, cleaning and moving furniture, I got out for a short ride.
Less than an hour on the road but after a few weeks in the garage in freezing conditions and snow on the ground, after a wash and brush up, the GS started first touch on the button.

It was even warm enough to go out and wash the bike wearing only a t-shirt.

Modelling the MAG 40th Anniversary t-shirt
Next week we have the trip across the France. Only six of us this time but a more manageable group. So I was glad it started and I filled the tank for the first time since September!! 

Washed and after a ride out


Trobairitz said...

What is this "wash the bike" you speak of? Kidding. Not really - you should see how dirty my bike is. Luckily Oregon doesn't use salt on the roads though so it is just dirt/mud.

Glad you got out for a ride. Have fun on your France trip this week.

Paul said...

With a nice wash and a bit of a polish the tank looks very shiny....

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