1 April 2013

So much choice!!

Took a visit to Laguna Triumph in Ashford to have a look at bikes.

They have Rockets in the shop but looking at them shows how enormous they are. The Touring's panniers are very small inside though. Very impractical for me.

I had a look at the Explorer and liked that but to get it up to the spec of my current old GS would mean spending the thick end of £14000!

The Tiger Sport that I have looked at a few times on the web wasn't in stock.

Shame as I like the look, more like my old TDM than the off-road look of the GS.

But what about the Sprint? Well, I do like it, but it wasn't seen in a good light by Claire. Admittedly it is the cheaper option but that doesn't mean it's inferior. I like the Sprint. So it is cheaper, but it is well received and maybe what I need is a test ride of both. 

Still, plenty of time to think about it!!! Maybe the Diavel is back in the frame!!!!


bob skoot said...


You know it starts with just a look, then you start sitting on them, trying them on for size. Then you go home and dream about riding it . . .

Riding the Wet Coast

Paul said...

Sat on the Tiger 800, then the Explorer 1200..... mmmmmmm, but no Sport.....

Maybe stick with old GS!

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