2 April 2013

Safety Camera Sites?

This email was sent to the Kent and Medway Safety Camera Partnership.

Dear Sir,
As a motorcyclist in Kent I would like to congratulate you on the initiative to put "Think Bike" posters up at the camera sites that you manage. It supports the similar messages that are conveyed on the motorway signs on the M20.
However, I have a question that I have been meaning to ask for a while.  Are the camera sites simply to catch speeding motorists or are some of them sited at traffic light junctions?  In recent years there seems to be an increase in the number of  red light jumpers and there never seems to be anyone about to apprehend them.
On my current journey home I go through the same set of lights in Hythe where Scanlon's Bridge Road (by the Light Railway Station) meets Dymchurch Road. I can almost guarantee that on three out of five weekday evenings, once the lights to those leaving Hythe towards Dymchurch have gone red that there will be at least one car that runs the red light, usually at speed. Most go straight across down Dymchurch Road, but some even turning right across my path after my light is green. 
Either the lights need re-phasing to increase the red/red duration or you need to site a camera there and get their numbers. Luckily, us locals don't set off on green until we can see it is clear. I am sure this happens all across the county and accidents and casualties are not always going to be avoidable.
I await your reply.
Paul Devall
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