30 April 2013

Reflection on bad weather...

.... And a fair weather biker!!!


Trobairitz said...

I always cringe when I fill up the first time in the spring and see when the last fill was.

I ride my bike periodically through the winter every few weeks but it is usually just to coffee and back. Not enough to warrant a fuel fill up for a few months.

bob skoot said...


Is that an iPhone app ? I was thinking of getting one, but which one ?

My bike has a larger than usual tank, it holds nearly 23 litres and I can travel nearly 500 kms per tank in the city, more on the highway

even so, I have filled up twice this season already. There's nothing wrong with riding in fair weather. I do it all the time, but sometimes it starts our fair and then it's not fair anymore

Riding the Wet Coast

Paul Devall said...

Yes, it is an app for the iPhone. I don't think they do it for other phones yet.

It is called mpgcalc on the itunes site.

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