9 April 2013

Project "Operation Kettle 13"

The code name for the mission to finally extract the GT from the garage and back on the road.

It won't be cheap and although most of the jobs will be achievable by a part way qualified home mechanic, some will need an expert hand.  And that's where my old friend John Storrie comes into the project.

John is renowned as Mr Kettle in England. A SOC life member, like me, and also he was a founder member of the Kettle Club. In fact it was at a SOC camping weekend in Oxfordshire that it was born. One that caused some problems back in the day!
19 years ago

For a variety of reasons the project won't happen until the summer as my commitments at weekends don't leave much time.

The plan is to get a van with a tail-lift and take the bike and bits across to Oxfordshire. Early start and back the same day. Doable.

Now I need to speak to John and discuss what needs to be done to start the project running.

I also need to get all the parts I have assembled together in one box.

I have already got a lot in stock and I have ordered three carburettor rebuild kits and new NGK spark plugs.
The carburettor kits aren't genuine Suzuki parts as that is simply entering into a world of unobtanium unless you are a Premiership football player and paid by Arabs Oil Billionaires... So these are pattern parts.

The part I need most is the choke puller. Over time the metal on metal contact between the choke lever an the plunger's head wears it away until "ping" and it has gone.  For about £12.99 each they aren't too expensive.

Another possible "must get" is a new battery.  The old one has been used as a jumper battery when the GS is cream-crackered and it is very low on power. It might not be essential straight away but we'll have to see.  It looks as though the gel type batteries are replacing the old style lead plate and acid jobs, and subsequently, that looks like an option.

I already have new grips. When we had an accident (a few years ago) when we were hit up the arse by another bike (!) the right grip looked to have been simply grazed at the end, but in fact the throttle assembly had been cracked and it caused a few problens with the throttle sticking open. New grips essential.

New grips for the Kettle

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Trobairitz said...

Always good to have a plan. The execution is the hard part.

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