9 April 2013

Mpgcalc app

There seems to be loads of apps available that can record journeys you have ridden. Whether iPhone or Android the app stores have loads.

What I find most useful is this app. Mpgcalc.

I upgraded to the plus version for a small amount and it keeps track of your miles per gallon. Nothing too flash but if, like me, you like to know, then it calcs in seconds.

The app version I use is the UK version tailored for the larger imperial gallon rather than the smaller US gallon.

The stats page is quite good and shows enough information on how you are riding. I know on days where the right hand has been more active that MPG will be lower.


Rig said...

Paul, do you have a link to this app on the Google Play store?

I can't see an app called 'Mpgcalc' but I can see one called 'MPG-Calc' but there are no screenshots to confirm it's the same app.

I currently use Fuely.com to record my MPG but that involves writing down all the info and waiting until I get home.

Paul said...

To be honest I don't know if they make it yet for android. I have emailed them from the app to ask....

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