4 April 2013

Decision Time!

"What difference a day makes, twenty four little hours" goes the song, or something along those lines!

I have been like a child in a sweet shop. Spring is assuredly on its way any time in the next few months and every year I become disturbed by the Dark Side.

Last year it by the BMW K1200S that was being sold off at a slight discount (BMW!!) as the new 1300S was in the showrooms.

This year it is less simple but all the options have Triumph on the tank!

Sense prevailed and the Rocket Touring was sent for the early bath. Next up the Sprint GT, favoured by my brother. Then the Explorer.

But why?

Okay, my GS is 14 years old in May and already over 10 in my ownership.

First registered in 1999 in Bavaria, before being wrenched from the loving hands of some blonde pig-tailed Fräulein. Isolda or some such statuesque figure, now she uses her arm to carry 12 big steins of beer to waiting and thirsty Munchener customers. We can but dream.

It has over 81000 miles (not inferior kilometres) on the odometer.

It is personalised to my tastes.

It has been a reliable work horse when plugging up and down the motorway to work; 158 miles a day, and just as good on short trips with my riding mates, with and without pillion, and similarly on longer runs across Southern and Eastern Europe, as well as great tranches of the UK.

So why sell it?

It needs a £400 (approx) service and the alternator belt replaced (routine and overdue).

Everything else is good; tyres etc.

After the shunt in 2009 the main painted areas were replaced or repaired and repainted. So it goes look a lot fresher than a 14yo used specimen of the breed.

Maybe give it another year and leave my money in the bank earning 1% interest if I am lucky!

Another reason for this is the guilt that also builds at this time of the year. My 1977 GT750A languishes in the garage. Unused and unloved for too many years. Definitely in need of some TLC.

I have a plan, nay, a cunning plan.

In the next couple of days I hope that "Operation Kettle 13" will get the green light.

So I'll finish now so that the operation doesn't get scuppered before it takes off!

Roger and Out.

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