14 April 2013

Blockhouse 3 - Eperlecques

Finally spring arrived, but not until about 1040 CET today.  Before then it had poured with rain and then eased to drizzle and wet roads. But a few miles south of Calais, the sun begun to peak through and the roads had dried.
The plan was to fit in the Blockhaus in Eperlecques, then lunch in St Omer, the La Coupole. 
Since I last went a few years back there has been a little development and we can now get inside the bunker to see it and where the rockets were assembled and  then moved to the firing area.
Anyway, I can tell the story better by letting wiki and the net save me plagiarising them.....



Trobairitz said...

Wow, that place has quite the history.

Thank you for sharing the photos. the one of the train cars is my favorite.

Paul said...

The railway cars can be seen across Europe at Auschwitz and Dachau for example.

These are genuine and found on the site and restored. It is still very easy to imagine the awful conditions for the 40 people crammed in each.

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