25 March 2013

The Laycock Heron

The Laycock Heron, originally uploaded by InvictaMoto.

In the back of our building we have a garden and a pond. The pond is stocked with koi and goldfish, and as such have attracted the occasional predator.

We have heard about the heron, but today was the first time in all the years i have worked here that I have seen it.

Sadly, I didn't have the Sony camera wit me and had to rely on my iPhone, so the pic is a little blurry.

He (or she) sat on the wall for a while until too many people walked past and then it flew off.


Trobairitz said...

Awesome! I am glad you finally got to see the heron.

We see them in the fields when it has been raining and the fields have standing weather. They are so neat.

Anonymous said...

I have had one of these visit my garden pond but was aware how long he had been coming until my neighbours told me he was sitting on the roof of another neighbours house I no longer have any fish in one of my ponds and then he started on the frogs so I have had to put stings with shiny stuff across it to prevent the visits.

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