26 March 2013

New Call - Vodafone

Please tell me when my current contract ends and what date I need to tell you that I won't be renewing it.

I am tired of paying £36 a month for a contract that results in no signal most of the time in my house. A signal that is poor across most of Kent despite the alleged coverage on your over optimistic and misleading website.

For the largest network in the country maybe someone should speak to your colleagues in the Netherlands where even the remotest places have a full signal.

There's a 20 mile long dyke in the north west of Holland with a better and more consistent signal than in Kent.

Maybe before telling how good 4G is, how about sorting out the crap 3G network for the mugs that have contracts now?


Paul Devall
Sent from my iPhone on one of the few occasions there was a signal


Trobairitz said...

Ahhh cell phones. Luckily I have a cheap flip phone that I pay $20 every 3 months for service. Sure it only texts and makes calls but so far the service has been pretty reliable.

Well except for heading to the IMBC last year when we couldn't get reception in Eastern Oregon even in plain view of the cell tower. Sigh.

Invicta Moto said...

I have a PAYG old Nokia I have for emergency use. Maybe the aerial is better than the iPhone but on another network the signal is consistently better and more importantly there are no "no service" areas on my commute or sitting on my couch!

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