21 March 2013

My Profile

When I filled on the "My Profile" section I didn't realise that it would appear on the front page of the blog and I have been thinking of way as to get just a synopsis, but nothing has worked.

In the end I have cut and paste the contents here.

I started this blog a few years back and then hardly used it as I preferred to use the website hosted by Yahoo with its Geocities service.

When Yahoo decided to kill off Geocities I shifted some of the things I wanted to save to the blog.

The blog I suppose is representative of my interests; motorcycling, the Suzuki Owners Club, MAG UK, travel (not only on a motorcycle!!) and football.

My first love is Oldham Athletic, where I had a season ticket at 5yo, but for the last 40+ years I have followed Arsenal and have been a regular at games since about 1997. I am also a season ticket holder at the Emirates Stadium.

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