15 March 2013

Hythe Snow

Hythe Snow, originally uploaded by InvictaMoto.
Although it was cold over the weekend following what seemed like Spring had arrived and then snow.

Not that much snow, about 6 inches but problems were caused by a dip in temperatures that froze the already damp ground, and roads in particular, allied with 50 to 60mph winds that whipped it into blizzards.

I was lucky. The Punto was at the station, I cleared about 4" of snow off the windows and discovered the ice against the glass that took some scraping to remove.

Although the roads had been treated, the snow had overwhelmed the grit and salt. I made it home without too many dramas; avoiding the cars that had skidded into each other of wedged and abandoned all over the place, navigated a 1 in 6 hill, downhill, in an automatic, no skids, no drama.

The snow continued into Tuesday until mid-morning and then the sun came out.

I took this picture of a pot in our back garden to catch the snow and the sunlight. Not a single view on Flickr!

Bird Snow Bath

1 comment:

Trobairitz said...

Snow? That makes it hard to ride on two wheels.

Looks like the sun is out int he last pic though so maybe it will melt soon.

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