5 February 2013

Shoei Qwest Paragon TC1

I don't like to spend money too quickly, but with the sale on and stocks dwindling, rather than weeks to make up my mind I had days.  Painstaking research into which model to buy after I had decided to get the Shoei.

It comes with the Pinlock posts on the visor and the insert itself. The inserts usually cost about £25. On top of that it also has the wind reducing skirt that fits in the chin piece.

I was tempted by a website offering the XR1100 at £199.99 but it had to come from Italy and although it claimed to be postage free, I had severe doubts that I'd ever see it,  or that matter, my money again.

The UK has a testing system that gives products a British Standard, although since successive governments sold out to Brussels, we have an ECE standard for motorcycle helmets that is actually lower than our BSI standards.

There is also another test called SHARP and the Qwest gets 5* out of a possible 5* - http://sharp.direct.gov.uk/testsratings/shoei-qwest

What struck me was how light the helmet is.  When I pulled the box out of the boot (trunk my US friends) of the car, I had to look to see if it was actually in there!  The claimed weight is 1300g or 1.3kg which is the equivalent to a fraction under 3lbs.   It feels very light when on the head too!

It won't see too much action for a while as the weather has turned cold again with temps hovering about 1°C.

It gives me a chance to see about fitting the Cardo gear.


Trobairitz said...

Hooray you got the one you wanted.

With the weather turning cold can you at least wear your new helmet, sit on the bike and make vroom vroom noises in the garage?

Invicta Moto said...

Or sit in the house watching TV wearing it...

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