17 February 2013

Oldham Athletic Supporters Club Badge

Going through a box at Mum's today as part of the clear out, I found this badge. I have searched high and low for it for a number of years, then forget, then search again!

All the time it was in a box tucked away in her house with a load of other stuff.

It was given to me when I was an adorable kid at the football (soccer my US chums!) who stood behind the goal at Boundary Park with my Aunt Linda and her friend Anne. My Dad however used to sit in the stand with his friends.

It is a little battered but I was given it before my brother was born in 1960!

The back is a "bat shape" as it was intended to fit in a lapel button hole,  that seem to have been consigned to sartorial history in the modern era.


Trobairitz said...
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Trobairitz said...


Nice to find it after so many years of looking on and off. Battered yes, but it has a history so it should look a little worn.

Phil Sharp said...

I was given a badge like this by a good friend , he says it was his fathers & from 1930's , it has 'tom sanders oldham ' written on the back (don't know whether it is the maker or owner).Got offered £100 by an avid Oldham badge collecter , refused. Any other info would be great .

Paul Devall said...


I don't know much more. I have a second one in perfect condition in another box and that was my Dad's.

He was the Pools Promoter for Latics in the late 50's up until about 1963.

The Pools was a good earner in those days before lotteries eye and th club made valuable commission to keep afloat.

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