3 February 2013

New helmet or old helmet?

That is the question.
My Nitro N700V is getting to the point where the trim around the padding that runs from ear to ear around the rear of the helmet has started to crack and drop off leaving the foam underneath exposed. Structurally it's perfectly safe but it is getting on for 9 or 10 years old.....
The other option is the expensive white elephant known as the Schuberth C2, that I bought just a few days short of six years ago at the bike show in London. Although a great helmet I have never been able to fit the Cardo kit to it, even with the extra long boom that Cardo sent me to test.

I'll keep it, but I need something to replace the Nitro for everyday use and provide the same sort of comfort and fit as the Schuey.

Over the years I have had both Arai and Shoei helmets, the Arai I had was a Freddie Spencer replica (remember him?) and the Shoei was a GRV in Eddie Lawson colours. I determined that I am actually a Shoei head shape. The current Arai models in the shops were very tight around the forehead.

I had a trip to Laguna in Ashford to have a look and fell immediately for a Shoei Qwest in a vivid red and black. The photo off the web doesn't do it justice, and mine shows the price tag.

The price looked good and had the Internet on my phone worked, I might have been able to Google and see that it is being offered about £75 less than the cheapest on offer on the web!

Need to be there are 10am tomorrow when they open! Fingers crossed that they have a box fresh one for me.....


Trobairitz said...

Nice looking helmet. I am in the same boat. Helmet is 5 years old and cracking around the bottom. Thinking of an Arai, but we'll see. I am lucky my head is round.

Hubby's head is oval and almost all helmets give him that hot spot on the forehead. The only one he has found that doesn't is the new Arai Profile. They specifically designed it for ovals heads.

Hope you get the one you want and they have your size in stock.

Invicta Moto said...

All sorted. It's a lot to pay but considering the life of a helmet it's not that much a year.

The Nitro was only £100 so only £10 or £11 per year!

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