9 February 2013

First Ride of 2013

Today, I managed to get out for the first ride of the year.  It wasn't until the afternoon and the sun was still up but it was very cold. According to the car thermometer it was 5°C outside, but once on the move the cold cut through my jeans as if I was riding in just my underwear!

It was also the first time I could wear my new Shoei helmet.  First impressions are that it is light and much quieter than I have been used to over the last few years.  Once I work out how to control the air flow at lower speeds to stop it steaming up it will be perfect.  My glasses fit perfectly without any pressure on the lining.

I can't wait for the better weather. Allons-y!

I have been toying with a new bike.  But what to get?  But, as soon as I get on the GS and go for a ride I wonder how I could ever consider selling it.

It's not been used since the end of December. I always worry after freezing weather and snow that it will not start, maybe just hear that click-click as the starter barely turns, but no, it fired first time. Maybe the Odyssey battery I bought last spring has actually lived up to its reputation as being powerful.

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Trobairitz said...

Hooray - the bike started first try.

Glad to hear you like the Shoei Qwest so far. I found one at such a great price and fit yesterday I bought one too. It fit better than the Arai and others I tried on.

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