24 January 2013

Sanyo Xacti (2)

Wow. This video camera lark is a bit harder than I had imagined.  The human eye is such a complex piece of equipment and with no thought at all our brains track objects near and far with ease.

As soon as you put a small screen at arms length, or nearer, the whole thing goes awry. Tracking the simple run of a dog becomes the hardest thing imaginable. 

I uploaded a couple of test videos to You Tube.  It was so much easier when I used the video recording tool on the little Sony compact camera.  The Xacti is much better quality, it does 720 HD, but the technique of following the more random motion of the dog in the snow needs mastering.

Video 1 - Springer Spaniel

Video 2 - Ducks!

The second is marginally better as the camera was resting on the bridge support and this allowed it to be steadier.

Practice needed!


Trobairitz said...

I think those are pretty darn good for first attempts.

I am not great with the video camera. My eyes track so much faster than I can pan the camera and still keep it in focus.

It was cool watching those ducks cut a path through the frozen pond.

Invicta Moto said...

Thanks. I borrowed it from work to play with as I thought it would be perfect for when we go on our Norway Fjords cruise in June.

The ducks are on the canal near to where I live.....

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