10 December 2012

Letter to Shepway Council about Parking Strategy - 2

After getting no replies the last time I tried to get a parking question answered... I get this almost immediately.

Dear Mr Devall
Thank you for your email.
We do not have specific motorcycle parking spaces on street or in any of our public car parks as motorcycles are not prohibited from using normal parking spaces.
All motorcycles can park for free in pay and display bays and permit holder parking places but they are still subject to the regulations that apply in time limited waiting bays and other classes of bay such as loading bays and disabled persons’ parking places.
Alan Lague
Highways Engineer
Shepway District Council
Civic Centre, Castle Hill Avenue, Folkestone, Kent , CT20 2QY

This looks pretty good but if I couldn't find this out by checking online and had to email a councillor, how are we supposed to know?


Trobairitz said...

It is nice that you can park for free, but geez it would be nice if they'd put it on a sign so that more motorcyclist could know about it.

InvictaMoto said...


I still have this feeling that to park in a "pay & display" car space on a motorcycle will cause problems.

Not just from the car drivers but the parking enforcement people who will also not have seen the notice on the website.....

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