23 December 2012

Happy Birthday

Well here it is today. 57 today.

Decided against anything spectacular and did some shopping for the last things needed for Christmas.

Spent the day quietly. Weather dull and I had hoped the rain we have been having of late might start to go so that I can get out in the bike at least once.

Sadly, it is raining again.

Maybe things will improve tomorrow and I can see if the old girl will start.

Winter is so bloody miserable in this country. If it would snow and then melt later at least we'd know that it was clear. But we have rain and miserable drizzle all the time.


Trobairitz said...

Happy Birthday!!

Bummer it was such a drizzly day, we are dealing with perpetual grey skies and rain here as we'll.

Martha Tenney said...

We have old cement hard slush and snow. And dark hard cold skies. And 15 degrees. I'm not sure, but I might trade you!

Happy Birthday to you! If I had some sunshine I'd send it over. You'll have to do with sunny wishes instead.

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