5 December 2012

Frost & Ice

So it looks like a bad move to have changed my cover pic.  Since then the weather has taken a turn for the worst.

Saturday not too bad but started get colder, then Sunday the frost was deep and even across the cars and the road, the dampness from the previous weeks and weeks of it pouring with rain was frozen into an ice road.

This scuppered my ride out to the Whitstable Toy Run. Although the weaher looks good on the website and facebook pages in North Kent, it was too cold and too icy for me in South Kent. It has hardly improved.  

Monday I couldn't get the driver's door on the car open when I came home from work. Fiat designed the Punto with the seam on the doors on top of the car rather than tucked under the roof - see small pic.
Punto roof line.

The problem is that it freezes and the door won't open. In the end I had to go around the other side that was shielded from the icy blast and climb in through the passenger door.  Easier said that done.

It has been pretty much the same all week. Today we had the added complication of snow.  The roads icy from a brief thaw yesterday, overnight freezing to glaze it over and then snow on top to hide it.

Still bitterly cold.

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Trobairitz said...

I hate it when the car doors won't open. We've had freezing rain before which resulted on 1 cm thick ice coating the entire car, not fun.

Hope your snow and ice melts soon.

We woke to 34˚F this morning (1˚C), but no ice so far.

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