7 November 2012

Schalke 04 Part Final

On the way home we planned a shopping trip in Auchun and to fill the car with diesel, so we were up and at breakfast by 8.30am and off on the road. A stop in Lidl revealed no different makes of beer so we bought eistee and then were off again back tracking along the autobahns towards Holland.
As we approached the border we couldn't help notice this sign for a town with a humorous name....
Once in Belgium we had a stop for a coffee and a leg stretch at the E17 stop and decided that we would go straight to Auchun and shop, then lunch then fuel and back to the Shuttle.
Shopping included some beers we had never tried before, plus cheese, casoulet and chocolate. For those times when people drop round a 5 litre cask of wine, rose, was also dropped in the cart.

5l ought to be enough

Last night's purchase!!
When we put fuel in at Auchun it worked out that for 518 miles we had used 10.5 galls (imp)...... around 49mpg....  Had we gone on the bikes it would have been about the same each!

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Trobairitz said...

When it is more than one person going we find it costs just as much to take the car as it would have to take both bikes. Of course our Subaru Forester only gets about 25 mpg, yikes.

You guys sure do have some interesting beer over there. I like seeing all the different ones you find.

Almost as interesting as the city name, lol. Nice sign.

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