6 November 2012

Schalke 04 Part 1

We were up about the same time I get up for work and out of the house about 0820 and by 0840 I had secured my first coffee of the day.

Before the off!

As usual the shuttle was late leaving by about 10 minutes. First stop Auchun to fill the tank. Diesel is much cheaper in France at €1.348 a litre rather that £1.45. At the current exchange rate that makes it about £1.15!!! A considerable saving. An £80 tank was about £60 instead.

The first problem was TomTom failed. No map of Germany. With no paper map we had to follow our noses.

Having been this way before I knew the route and occasionally used the Skrobbler app on my phone to check when we were nearby.

We had a coffee break about 1.30pm and arrived at about 4.15pm at the hotel. 
Arena Hotel

The room is small but clean and cheap!

Once checked in we set off for the Stadium to see where to go in daylight.


The bratwurst and beer stands had barely opened and so we ended up in Burger King by the hotel.

Bratwurst free grill
Curry for the currywurst

Now back in the hotel with two hours to kick off. Need a beer and after the game I need a sausage!


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