30 November 2012

Rain, floods, freezing

Last weekend we had some of the heaviest rain in the UK for many years.  A phenomenon that continued across the country for a week or more.  Some parts of the country had floods. Hundreds of peple without power and their houses ruined.

Today we awoke after a chilly evening to thick frost on the cars and the gardens "whited" over.  It's one of those things, but allied with the revelation from one scientific body, or other, that the Greenland ice field is shrinking and not being replaced like for like, climate change or global warming must be having some effect.

Sunday is the Whitstable Toy Run.  I'd prefer it to be cold rather than wet.  I'd prefer dry roads and not the icy ones I had today on my drive to the station.

After weeks of rain, the ground is sodden.  Every time it rains again, there is simply nowhere for it to go and it runs off. Near me this means that due to poor maintenance the drains are blocked and the water follows the lay of the land, and that means running across the road, and then some 400 yards later, it runs back.  Not so bad in three (or more) wheels but unpleasant on two.

Then this morning, after a mostly traffic free overnight, the water flows had frozen.  Nightmare for two wheels.  The Punto had a little skip as the nearside front wheel spun up and then it was back to normal. 

I'd hate to go up there on Sunday and find it the same......

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