2 November 2012

Lest We Forget

Summer is over and we are into the miserable autumn (or fall) when the clocks have gone back and the mornings are darker and the early nightfall arrives.

November is the month where we remember the men (and latterly women) that have given their lives for the freedoms that exist in the Western world. Freedoms that we take for granted that had to be bought by the blood and the lives of young men sent to defend our future.

The photo was saved from the Imperial War Museum website.  The copyright lies with them and I have credited them here.

If you are in London, or Leeds or Manchester you can visit one of the museums.  The IWM is a charitable organisation and needs funds as it is not sourced by Government.

Recently the UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, announced that school children across the country would be taken to France to see the battlefields and the cemeteries that are crammed with those young men killed on the Western Front.  This is in anticipation of the Centenary of the start of the First World War in 2014.

A good start, before taking them to France, would be to visit the IWM.

More information @ http://www.iwm.org.uk/visits/iwm-london

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Trobairitz said...

It does not make sense to take them to France without first seeing the IWM.

I appreciate how serious the UK and Canada still take Remembrance Day and I remember being in the solemn parades with the veterans and the speech at the cemetery every November 11th growing up.

It really bothers me that the USA calls it Veterans Day and it is a day to celebrate.

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