27 November 2012

French bin the hi-viz proposals!!

We've just heard that the French interior Minister Emmanuel Valls has decided to withdraw the 150 square centimetre hi-viz rule.

Apparently he has acknowledged the protests from riders and that there really isn't any basis for the move.

MAG highlighted a few months ago, that apart from setting a dangerous precedent and creating the possibility that responsibility for accidents could be automatically shifted toward those riders not wearing the hi-viz as required, the French Government had also found itself in possible breach of a Directive which stipulated minimum quantities of hi-viz IF hi-viz was being prescribed.

If you read French:

Paddy Tyson  Campaigns Coordinator  Motorcycle Action Group  www.mag-uk.org   01926 844064 


Trobairitz said...

Let's hope it is true and they have listened to their public.

If it is true and they have tossed out the idea, it is a victory for riders everywhere as I am sure other countries would have followed suit.

Invicta Moto said...

It is amazing that they have. The other part of the directive that outlawed speed camera locations in sat-navs stands though.

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