17 November 2012


Although for the best part of 18 years our north London rivals, Tottenham Hotspur, have rarely beaten us in any competition.

In 2010 they beat us 3-2 after we had raced to 2-0. The first at our place for 19 years.

In 2011 the tables were turned when it looked for 38 minutes like it they may double the win count. We came back to 5-2.

And that's where déjà-vu comes in. In today's north London derby the score was once again 5-2 to the Arsenal. This time our hated rivals only led 1-0.

Sometimes it's hard to enjoy the games as the tension is so palpable. Tense or what?

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Trobairitz said...

Hard when the rivals are playing.

Our civil war game is next Saturday where our two main university football teams play and iris always tense. This year it is here in Corvallis and we of course have the underdogs. Go Beavers!

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