21 October 2012

Schalke '04

With the "Indian Summer" not really going to happen the decision to take the car rather than the "Wild Hogs" bike trip is now a reality.

Shame, but safety and comfort have to come first.  It should be comfortable in Neill's Avensis! Plus the car will give us room for a little shopping! Christmas is coming. Beer.

We have decided to stay in the hotel right by the Veltins Arena. It's a short walk across the car-park and means we have a quick exit after they let us out! We booked two as soon as we knew the date of the game and as it was booking.com we could cancel right up to the day before.

I might suggest that Neill takes the Arsenal stickers out of the car. You never know!

The hotel is the Arena Hotel.

The car is booked on the Shuttle for 0920 on Tuesday and back on the 1820 on Wednesday.

Now which shirt shall I take for this game?

The Legend's Number and my nom-de-plume

1 comment:

Trobairitz said...

Crappy weather sometimes dictates we take the car. Best to be prudent.

Hope you are feeling better.

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