23 October 2012

Plant a Poppy

Charles Devall
Pictures courtesy of the Royal British Legion's "Plant a Poppy" website.

I did three one after another but only two made it through the moderator before close of business.

William Devall
You can have a look here.


Trobairitz said...

Thank you for the cool link. One of the things i miss about British Columbia is the seriousness of Remembrance Day and the poppies we always got from the Legion by donation.

Veteran's Day in the USA isn't as somber and I think that is wrong. Consumers use it for a shopping and a big sale day and businesses are open. Again, it is just wrong.

Thanks for the link.

Invicta Moto said...

I did a third one that hasn't been published yet. Claire's Granny, Molly, died in 2002 at 101yo and her brother was killed in 1915 and we have been to his grave near Bethune.

I think it needs to be sombre. Millions died on the Western Front and again in WW2 to fight oppression.

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