31 October 2012

Pie and Mash @ Castle's, Camden

Castle's Camden NW1

I was at a school doing to work and when it came to lunch I thought I'd try Castle's in Royal College Street in Camden.

I've been here before but it would have been twenty five or more years ago when there was a bike dealer nearby called Maitland's.

It's a more modern shop than the other local shops in Islington, no tiles and no old fashioned wooden benches but the pies are nice and it is cheaper than Manze's in Chapel Market.

All in all a good excursion and nice to find a street or restaurant/cafe not filled with yuppy pillocks like most areas where banks have located their new offices!
Double Pie & Mash and Liquer

1 comment:

Trobairitz said...

Sounds like they have a fair lunch. Always nice to find a place not too crowded so you can enjoy your food.

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