18 October 2012

Hospital Blues!

Have had a bad headache for the better part of 36 hours.

Went to the docs and sent on to the ER.

Been here six hours in William Harvey. Great care from all the staff but no nearer yet finding out what is the cause

Tramadol are quite slowly working.

Updated:  In the end after an MRI scan and a cardiogram they decided that maybe the problem was associated with my ear infection of a couple of weeks ago and maybe sinusitis or migraine.

I already suffer from a version of migraine where I have the headache and associated flashing aura and tunnel vision.   Usually I pop a couple of pink Migraleve and in a couple of hours we can kiss the problem good bye. If caught early enough, then it is gone quicker. This time it is different.

Five days since the headache started and it is still pulsing through my head but the drugs seem to have lessened the pain.

The hospital said that if the headaches continued into or even beyond the weekend that I should contact my GP again and at the moment, late Sunday, I still have a dull headache. At least this bugger has moved to the top of my head from above my right eye. Not as strong but still there....

Hopefully back at work soon.

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Trobairitz said...

Yikes, feel better soon. Fingers crossed the find the cause of the headache.

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