4 September 2012

Ride to Work

With the weather forecast looking like summer has arrived at last I decided to ride the bike in this week. My season ticket ticket ran out on Monday and so the bike seemed like the best option.

Wear and tear aside it is cheaper to ride in. In fact it saves me about £50 a week fuel against rail fare. Not to be sneezed at in these days of austerity. A months savings should cover the service the bike is due soon. On top of that it is about the same time as the train, plus I can come and go as I please. Today I left about the same time as yesterday, and arrived 15 minutes earlier.

At Work
I had expected there to be a load of traffic as the Paralympics are on. But, au contraire, light traffic and hardly any holdups. In fact, the Olympic Lanes were open to all and luckily hardly anyone read the signs so it was straight through.

My first stop was at a school. A ten minute job that turned into hours and hours of going over why taking the register electronically is better for the school and better for the kids. The actual click, present, or ignore, absent took a short time.

All the time the bike was out in the parking area being crapped on by a few birds and a squirrel that made eye contact with me, scary.

A nice clean bike and the little buggers chose to eat red berries.  Urghh.

All the time I wanted to get out on the bike. Unsatisfied after the 75 miles completed to that stage. Sadly, it was only 2 miles to work.

Home time came later than normal at 5.45pm.  Apart from the usual hassles around Hackney, caused by the Metropolitan Police ignoring the yellow box junction rules and blocking it up, only causing tail backs for about a mile in each direction. One rule for us and one for them? Who polices the police? Etc.

The rest of the ride was pretty good, light traffic and home not too late.

Same again tomorrow?

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Trobairitz said...

It sounds like a nice way to get to work. Less people to deal with than taking the train.

I wonder if the birds will bomb your bike again tomorrow. Hmmm maybe if they do they'll have the courtesy to eat something non-red in color.

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