6 September 2012


For the second day running I have been the victim of "Red". 

I have only seen him once sitting on a fence post and he hardly made eye contact.  I went out at lunch time and there was the evidence.  Not visible from afar but once up close it's easy to see he has left his little mark on the mirror glass.

His aim is getting better, yesterday he got the black surround, but today, bulls-eye.

As I put the phone away the culprit emerged from the bushes. We made eye contact. His beady little eye stared at me, then he ambled towards me, grabbed a piece of bread that someone else had left for him, then he scuttled back to the bushes.

1 comment:

Trobairitz said...

Doh! His aim is getting better, that's no fair.

He's a bird - guess there is no way to retaliate. At least there isn't more than one......that you can see.

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