2 September 2012

Paralympics Day

Up a bit later than expected and away to Ashford. With the Network Card the return fare was only £11.90 for Claire. I have a season ticket this week and this week will get six days out of it.

The journey was quite quick up to Stratford and a short walk across the shopping centre to the Olympic Park.

The walk to the Riverside Arena is the furthest of then event venues from the entrance. First up is the Aquatic Centre, then the Olympic Stadium. The park is littered with eating and drink places.

We had tickets for the 7 aside football tournament in the morning. We missed the first half of the first game where the Russians beat Argentina 8-0.

The rules for the game are based on classifications, four different classes of disability are included all based on cerebral palsy and people that suffered a stroke.

The second game was Iran beating the Netherlands 4-1. Both winners so much better than the oppositions.

We then left and found that for the remainder of the day we could go to other venues, except they were full!!!

We ended back at the football and saw the Olympic Champions Ukraine demolish the US 9-0. It could have been much worse had the woodwork not been to the US defence.

The main event was Brazil versus Great Britain. Although pretty even, Brazil ran out 3-0 winners.

After the games we left and joined the crowds walking back to the station.

I had booked a restaurant in Canary Wharf. The Plateau is very nice on the 4th Floor overlooking one of the man made squares in the man made city.

The booking was made through the Evening Standard and offered two courses plus a glass of wine for £15. Easy to find from the tube and well worth the money.

The main course of baked sea bass was very good.

From there it was a short ride to West Ham and change to the DLR to Stratford and the Javelin home.

After watching professional football for over fifty years, it is hard not to be impressed with the skills of the players, their commitment to the game and above all their sportsmanship. Something the over paid cheats and divers in the Premiership might like to learn from. 

Riverside Arena
Olympic Stadium in the evening
Claire poses by Stadium

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Trobairitz said...

Sounds like a great day watching inspirational athletes and noshing on good food too.

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